The story of EliteLinks

Crafting Elegance: The Genesis of EliteLinks


In the tapestry of jewelry craftsmanship, the genesis of EliteLinks emerged from the collaborative fervor of Daniel Smith and Michael Clough-Welsh, two enterprising individuals hailing from the vibrant city of Newcastle in the North East of England. At the tender age of 21, our aspiration was to curate a distinct space in the realm of men’s jewelry, presenting a fusion of opulence and accessibility.


The inception of EliteLinks was a testament to our shared vision—a vision that sought to redefine the narrative surrounding men's adornments. Our passion for luxury designs, specifically in chains, bracelets, and rings, intertwined seamlessly with an inherent desire to render these luxurious creations accessible to all.


Newcastle, a city pulsating with life and cultural dynamism, served as the beating heart of our inspiration. It’s more than a geographical location; it's the essence that we infuse into every design. The vigor, resilience, and identity of this city have imprinted themselves on our creations, shaping a narrative that transcends mere aesthetics.


The concept of EliteLinks embodies a juxtaposition of sophistication and affordability. Every piece meticulously crafted is a testimony to our dedication, ensuring that the allure of luxury isn’t confined by price tags. Our aim is to democratize elegance, making it an attainable reality for all, regardless of background or status.


Our journey is in its nascent phase, yet the tenacity of EliteLinks resides in our unwavering commitment. It is not just a brand; it is an articulation of our pursuit for elegance without constraints. With EliteLinks, we aspire to rewrite the conventional norms, setting new standards for men’s jewelry and offering a narrative steeped in refined craftsmanship and accessibility.


The evolution of EliteLinks is an unfolding story—a narrative meticulously crafted with passion, perseverance, and a vision to reframe the contours of elegance in men’s adornments.


Warm Regards,

Daniel Smith

Co-founder, EliteLinks


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